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I tend to talk alot about Silva Ultra Mind ESP Systems. Infact we have it as part of the Sageducation Scheme. Find out why KHAN is such an advocate for this course.

December 29, 2020

Waddup Legends!

This is your best friend KHAN and today I would like to tell you something about me here.

 So the question is why do I advertise Silva Ultra Mind… Good Question 😀

I was a kid who lived in a shell. I found it hard to mix with people; not externally but internally. I still remember that if guests would come over to my house, I would leave the place and tell my mom to leave the house with me because there were “too many people”. I never understood people really. I mean why do they want to visit our house? Why was my dad always laughing with his friends? Why would the kids want to play with me? I don’t want to play with them and I am totally Okay…. Get your own toys!!! You can imagine how it would go….

In school I did pretty good in terms of academics. I was the kind of kid who would help his classmates in their studies in order  to prepare for own exams. That is why I believed that teaching, what you learn, makes you grow. Unlike Money, giving knowledge to others helps you grow. Then again, My purely logical nature would not give me the luxury of real friends and I would still find it hard to understand people. I was a total left brain thinker. Pretty much it is what our school system teaches us. We are trained to think on numbers. Creativity is often frowned upon in many places that is why we want more engineers than entrepreneurs, more doctors than artists, more economists than musicians. This is all because we don’t use right sides of our brains. People like Eienstein thought with both sides which meant he used more of his mind (which was still 9% of the total ability he had). That is why he was called a Genius.


We were always taught in school to “always look out for yourself” “Watch for your interests” “It’s a competitive world”. Probably that is the reason why I was in the shell. I was not fully myself because I was taught since the start to be careful with people. To the LITTLE ME (aka LIL MEH) it was like the world is full of enemies. So If I have to live in this world full of foes, why was I sent here without weapons to fight them? So I started learning some cool hacks from youtube which were based on NLP and Hypnosis. I would read detective stories and learned martial arts to prepare myself against “the enemies”. It all took me to the edge of a cliff from where I was about to fall into darkness. And I did. I would find myself alone even though I was full .

In 2015, I was totally lost. I was at the top of my game in my career and extra-curricular but I was feeling something was missing. I would pray 5 times but now would not know the meaning of it. The school time practice of helping people in studies was still my tradition and that is what kept me going. I was doing it in the time when people around me thought that sharing notes means you are inviting yourself to lose. Showing your assignments was like giving away you credit card password. Sharing of information was considered stupid. It is still the case and has gotten worse. Expecting a good advice from someone is like expecting Santa to give you your wishes on Christmas.

That is when I came across Silva Ultra Mind. I had been into trancedental meditation before and I am a Level 2 Reiki Practitioner. So The concept of Meditation was not new for me. I knew what Self Hypnosis was and I did not really need much effort on how to meditate. Silva UM had a different approach. It showed me subjective side to things. For me things used to be 2 + 2 = 4. But Things donot have to be this way. Especially when it comes to life systems and relationships because in those cases it can be 2 and 2 is zero or 22. It is all based on your approach , intention and attitude.

This system not only teaches you how to meditate but to solve the problems. What many meditation instructors don’t know is that they take you to Theta Level of mind where your brain is working inductively, not deductively. So you do take in some deep level programming but there is no problem solving. If you want to be able to use the information in subjective spiritual and objective physical world, you have to be at alpha level which is 10 cycles per second frequency. This is where your mind is active. This is where you can amend the deep programming of your mind by yourself without a Freud like guy making you watch the pendulum watch and saying weird stuff. At this level you accept what you think is right and reject the useless stuff. That is a whole lot of personal transformation from the inside which guys like Confucius, Plato and Aristotle have been talking about. It also teaches you how to meditate like a monk in a matter of seconds. Best thing is you don’t need hours to do that. Just 15 min, thrice a day at max will do good.

At Alpha level of mind you are in touch with the spiritual side and this is where you pray. This is the level where your prayers are heard. So in Silva UM I actually learned how to pray. How many times have you often said to a sick friend or a brother in distress that “everything will be fine, if God wills it!”. Thing is everything will be fine if you have the will to make it fine. God will not come down and do your end of the job. We think that God is supposed to make everything right and let me tell you it is a very escapist kind of approach. We were sent here on this earth to improve the creation. To make life better on earth. Leave behind a better world. No one is the enemy here. We as humans must learn to co-exist. We need to learn to collaborate not compete. This is how we can make earth better for the next generations. You can see how fighting and wars have destroyed us. That very approach is still eating us up. So many people have died fighting in name of God. Why do we have to fight when our purpose is to live peacefully and help each other grow.

The working in Silva UM also brought a lot of transformation in me and I finally found out why teaching made me so fulfilled. If our goals involve ourselves only, we will never feel fulfilled. Your goals must involve giving back others. It has to have some form of service. Only then you can live peacefully with yourself. Because we have been sent here to help. It does not have to be just monetary help. It can be a smile, a pat on the back, words of wisdom, good advice etc. Funny thing is we cannot even give that to people. When I learned Silva UM, I decided that I would reciprocate by teaching it to others and spreading the word.

To learn Silva UM from the best (ME), feel free to contact me on contact@thesageforce.com . We provide live and online experience of this course with all the materials of Jose Silva. We also tailor our courses as per your specific requirements and provide Coaching and Counselling services as well.

This is KHAN signing off for now. Till then, Peace be on you All



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