A true music inspiration

 I was busy playing my favourite song Castle Of Glass on guitar when I heard the news from my little sister “The Musical Legend, Chester Bennington… dead… 20 July 2017”. Everything changed since then. I don’t like Music the way I used to.


Since childhood I have been listening to this guy. Every time I heard him, I wanted to hear him again. Hearing his oldest of the songs seemed to me like the latest one. It had meaning every time. Linkin Park is a band whose music is inspirational. It has meaning. The voice of the imagination of Linkin Park Band (and Mike Shinoda) was Chester. Mike would always say that he had these voices in his head and awesome tunes but he couldnt sing. It was chester who brought those lyrics and mental tunes to life.


Story of Chesters struggle through depression really touches my heart. His father was distant and divorced his mother when he was around 7. He struggled through depression and child abuse. The guy got married at age 24 and was barely making money till he was approached by Shinoda.


With rise to fame, the man was always humble. He would always be open about his struggle with alcohol and drug addiction. Music was his way to change the negative energy to positive. “I have been able to tap into all the negative things that can happen to me throughout my life by numbing myself to the pain, so to speak, and kind of being able to vent it through my music,” he said in a 2009 interview with the website Noisecreep. “I don’t have a problem with people knowing that I had a drinking problem. That’s who I am, and I’m kind of lucky in a lot of ways ′cause I get to do something about it.” The band linkin park is one of the most mature band and has endured since its conception till to date. Chester was always so humble in his interviews despite his psycological issues. His struggles with drug and alcohol addiction, had fueled many of his biggest hits with Linkin Park and that is something worth appreciating.


Probably one of the reason of his down time was death of Chris Cornell. He responded to the suicide by hanging of his friend the singer Chris Cornell in a note he shared on social media. “I can’t imagine a world without you in it,” he wrote. “I pray you find peace in the next life.” (Mr. Bennington also performed Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” at Mr. Cornell’s funeral. Mr. Cornell would have turned 53 on Thursday.) He got emotional singing the song One More Light as it talks about loss of a friend.


Bennington got married to Talinda Bentley, a schoolteacher and former model, in 2006. He and his wife had been victims of an aggressive cyberstalker who had gained access to everything from their Social Security numbers to their social plans. The experience was deeply unsettling, leading Mr. Bennington, who was famously open and available to his fans, to withdraw. He said “It sparks the sort of anger you don’t normally experience,” The couple was really close and it really amazes me how she held on to him in his tough times (in my experience women leave when u r in a bad time lol:D )

In short, despite every thing he had gone through, He did give world some thing back. He was part of projects like PETA and Music for Relief which shows his positivity. He was a good man….

Now that LP will not be producing NuMetal, I guess I’m holding on… but… Why is everything so heavy?