Personalized counselling for groups
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Working in a group? Need an improvement in your group dynamics?

Counselling for Groups


Team building

Develop combined vision for your life and improve team building


Visioning, Strategic Planning, and Defining Expectations

Set up a vision for your future together and define your expectation.


Building Up A Life Long Relationship

The journey does not end in one session. It is an on going thing. We also set up accountability and followup system for permanent results.

My Approach

I have a background of military due to which I have had ample amount of opportunities to counsel people. A military leader must be a good counsellor to be able to guide his personnel through tough times. I also have training in Silva Ultra Mind ESP Instructor/ Coaching as well as in NLP/ Hypnosis which allows me to go deeper into people’s subconscious and help them overcome their internal obstacles. I work with people (rather than following a traditional third person approach) to overcome obstacles and be the best version of themselves to be of more use to the people around them.






Karachi, Pakistan