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Life Planning

Dont know what you want in life? Not clear about your goals? Can’t acheive them? Sign up for life planning coaching (1-1 or group)

Accelerated Learning

Having problems with memory and reading? Cant pass that test? Sign up for Study coaching and Lets get going!

Stress Management

Are you stressed out? Do you want to be more relaxed in this chaotic world? Sign up for Friendly sessions to overcome stress and other obstacles in life!

Public Speaking

Afraid of speaking to an audience? Fear no more. I have helped many people overcome this fear. Sign up for a friendly session to overcome this fear of public dealing and speaking.

Are you ready to be best version of you

Overcome obstacles in your Life

We all need help from time to time. We have all the information available nowadays but it is not neccessarily for our best interest. Sign up for live or online one on one or group sessions to get control of yourself and your life and overcome all obstacles!

Why do you want Friendly Conversation?

Find your purpose

Finding your purpose in life will fuel you through tough times. This is what gets you out of your bed.

Develop clear vision of future

If you dont have an goal, you will be lost. Your vision will guide you to your legendary life.

Overcome your past limitations and problems

Our past shapes us who we are now. So many of us are stuck in the past which leads to depression. You have to let go of what passed in order to face whats ahead.

Be in control of NOW

Life is a culmination of present moments. If you cannot enjoy present moments, you either get stuck in the past or in the future. Learn how to stay in the “NOW” to improve your life and live happier.

Friendly Conversations with your Best Friend

Traditional method of coaching or therapy or counselling in my view is sometimes not the answer to our problems. It gives off a vibe of “there is something wrong with you”. I think that most of the times our problems in our lives are because of lack of knowledge, perspective and resources. No one will come to solve your problems. You have to do that yourself. You are the expert of your life. All you need is the right direction and tools to solve them…Yes… All we need is a good friend to share our problems with and help us get the right perspective to our problems to overcome them.

Are these sessions for individuals only?

I tend to prefer individual sessions with people but if there is a group related problem, that is also done. I call those sessions as “Soiree”. 

What do we do in these sessions?

The purpose is to identify the blocks in your life and figure out ways to overcome them. It is not a typical hypnosis or therapy session where we the therapist observes you like a third person robot. I am very much involved in the process with you, like a friend, that we all need. I have a background of military along with Hypnosis, NLP, mindfulness and CBT. These things combined give me a different insight to problems. I use those tools to help people understand thier lives better and realize their true potential. So basically its just you and me talking about different things while learning more and more about YOU.

Is this an attempt to control people's mind?

Yes. It is an “attempt” to help people get control over their own mind so they can think clearly in tough situtations, overcome bad habits and improve thier relationship with people around them, becoming a useful citizen to thier society.

Will it help me overcome mental disorders?

No. I am not a medical expert nor do I claim to be. In simple words, these sessiosn are for people struggling to reach a specific goal. If you have a medical issue, you need more than just a friendly chat with any friend… Please consult a medical specialist.

Is there any flexibility in the pricing plan?

The pricing plan depends on the time (hourly basis) and on the goal we set together which can range from 50-300$ per hour. I work very hard with people to understand them and give them guidance as per their individual requirement. Much of the cost is for my own continuing education to help understand and guide people better.

My Approach

I have a background of military due to which I have had ample amount of opportunities to counsel people. A military leader must be a good counsellor to be able to guide his personnel through tough times. 

I also have training in Silva Ultra Mind ESP Instructor/ Coaching as well as in NLP/ Hypnosis which allows me to go deeper into people’s subconscious and help them overcome their internal obstacles.

I work with people (rather than following a traditional third person approach) to overcome obstacles and be the best version of themselves to be of more use to the people around them.

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Friendly Conversation for Couples

I also work with couples struggling with family and relationship issues. Sign up for a friendly session now for couples!

How It Works

Schedule a Friendly Session

Sign up for a friendly session on zoom, skype or whatsapp so we can know each other better and figure out is going on in your life. We will identify key issues and deal with them in a sequence.


Choose a Plan

Based on what we have identified we will prioritize the problems and deal with them individually. We will formulate a plan and I will then ensure you stick to it. This is where we will provide you customized coaching price plan to go on with.

Reach Your Goals

We will be journaling everything and monitoring progress in every area of life in order to reach that Legendary life.

A Little Your Best Friend KHAN

Striving to help people discover their purpose and unleash their true potential one person at a time, KHAN is a family guy, student, life long learner, blogger, writer, adventurer, Seafarer, workoholic, chronic over-thinker, entrepreneur, friend, coach, counselor, philanthropist and educator.

 He has served in Pakistan Navy for 12 years and has spent time in the most operational naval ships. He has travelled to more than 10 countries around the world and has a lot of exposure as a professional Naval Officer.

He is a certified meditation instructor from Silva International and uses practical techniques to help people take control of their lives. I have been trained by Master Trainers Ed Bernd Jr and Katherine Sandusky of Silva International.

He has also been part of MUNs for a long time and has coached scores of students in debating.

He has a passion and a deep understanding of NLP, Hypnosis, Philosophy, Psychology, Linguistics and religion. He is a Certified Hypno-counselor and has helped many people overcome their limitations and achieve their full potential in life.

Apart from this, He is a music composer and loves to sing, play piano and guitar. His Music Brand is CONCHORD.

Working Together…

You are not just your self. You are a part of a family, a friend circle, a society, an organization and more. Working on yourself is not something to be worried about. It is actually good. Sign up for Friendly session, so that I can guide you through your tough times, like a friend, and help achieve your maximum potential 


I know the name is a bit different than what you hear around you. I personally dont like the term “Counselling” or “Therapy”. It takes a form of approach that assumes that something is “wrong” in the client. Most of the time we just need a friend, someone we can trust, someone we can confide in, to help understand our struggles. We may be doing just fine but all we need is a friend who can support us when we need it. My approach to counselling and coaching takes on the aspect that every person has the resources to solve any problem they face in life. All they need is guidance and a little push. I have seen so many people getting stuck in psychiatric medicines like anti-depressent for years without positive results. May be its time we help people get in control of their own lives. This is what the Friendly Session is all about.


Well, we start off in a comfortable environment, getting to know each other. The sessions can be recorded for reference (if the client allows it). The sessions are kept between me and you (Non Disclosure signed). We begin by knowing you from the childhood. Most of our behaviors and traumas are deeply rooted to our childhood. That is where I try to dwell in. If you are comfortable talking about it in normal way, its fine other wise we can use hypnosis and NLP to help dig out som repressed memories and find out solutions to your problems. If there is a specific goal you want to acheive, we make a plan, follow a plan of action, work on a consistent routine and acheive it.

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