Life Planning, Lifestyle Designing and Your Life Philosophy in one course!


Identify your Personality Type


Identify Beliefs and Pattern that Hold you back


Learn different aspects of life


Plan your Life in every aspect and balance it


Implement the Plan and develop good habits and routines


I am sure you are sick and tired of people telling you how to live your life; parents, siblings, extended family, teachers, society, media etc. I am sure you have applied all those “Get rich in 10 days” type of quick fixes which ended up you paying them and making them rich. So you decide to settle for a job that pays the bill, a job that you dread to go to daily but you do it any way for the money…

I used to be something like that. Until I decided to pave my own way. The way was difficult. People estimated my death in my early 20s due to stress. Guess what? They were wrong. Your life is yours! There will be no prophets or great people coming. You are the one you were waiting for. You are the Sage of your time if you choose to be. You are your own savior. You are the author of your book. You are the captain of your ship. You are the Navigator of your Voyage. You are the hero of your story. You are the Legend of your Legendarium.  You are the Sage of your Saga.



Waddup Legends! This is your best friend KHAN and I welcome you to this awesome journey to your legendary life!

 I often call my audience Legends in my YouTube channel but the real deal is this course. This is the most comprehensive goal setting and life style design course. It addresses life in multiple aspects. It helps you clear limiting beliefs and get a clear vision of life and your purpose. This gets you on track to plan your life and sets you on the path to achieve your goals and get self-actualized. We will also act on the plan and together we will ensure that we see our dreams come true.

 This course is not a traditional goal setting system. This is beyond that. Unlike traditional systems, you will be finding your own path and following it to achieve the life you desire. You will be writing your own story. You will be the hero of your tale. You will be the captain of your own ship. You will be the Sage of your Saga. You will be the Legend of your own Legendarium.

But how will we do that? We will be taking a series of steps which involve thinking in an organized manner, making a structured plan and then executing it and with time we reflect and improvise it. We set up tasks which align to our end goal or vision and we accept responsibility of taking action in that direction.

We will define what you want to become and what you want in life. You get clarity of what you want in life and what you need to do. You get an ideal self-concept or self-image. It’s a place where you define what you want and organize your thinking. It’s a guide book of your life. It’s your future written in the present moment.

There is no one right way to success. It is different for every person. Like there is no one formula for diet for each person. We have different goals. There is a magic formula. It is unique for everyone. It comes from inside us. So you will have to take responsibility to figure out your life.


Imagine owning a 500 page book which contains your past, present, your future vision, your dreams, desire, goals – everything that you really want. This is your life story written by you as you know it as you see it. After all, you are the expert of your life. This will be your best literary work and it will serve you and may serve your children as legacy. It even helps your life partner to know you better.


I have to make a confession here. I am really obsessed with naming stuff. You will find this in my other courses that I tend to give name to every method, procedure and things. Naming this course “Legendarium” has a lot of meaning to it.

First of all, I am a die-hard Tolkien Fan and his books have shaped my childhood pretty much. During tough times of my life, the Tolkien Legendarium and archetypes have given me the motivation to push through life. I believe everyone has the capacity to be a legend in their own right, in their own domain if they choose to be one and then put in the right amount of work.

Secondly, Philosophy is something I believe that everyone should learn. Philosophy literally means love of wisdom, striving for wisdom. We live in an age where knowledge is no longer power. We have all the knowledge and information available in the palm of our hands thanks to the Wi-Fi and smart phones. All we need is the wisdom to apply the knowledge and improve ourselves and things around us.


Think of the Legendarium as your life story and your life’s philosophy. No one but you gets to decide the principles on which your life will be based on. This course will help tap into your abundant source of wisdom i.e. your subconscious mind.

 You have your personal hardcopy of Legendarium with the course available but even if you don’t have that, you can work your way with a big diary or register or something like that. The key is to write things down.


The problem I find in so many people is that they think they are perfect. If you have that kind of mentality, you will never be able to learn. As humans we must accept that we can never be perfect. We can only strive to be better and better. Hence in the course, you will be writing your flaws. You will be required to be honest and critical of yourself.

This, I admit takes a lot of will power, determination and hard work and I congratulate you for signing up for this course because it shows your courage and commitment. I hope you maintain that till the end of the course. Trust me, when you honestly write down your flaws and accept them, you will know where you stand. You will be able to work from yourself there.

95% of the people in the world don’t even think about how they want to live their life. Hence you will find most of them stuck in pursuit of a 9-5 job, hoping to save enough money to pay the bills. It is really sad to see so many people waking up on Monday, dreading to get out of bed to go to the job they hate. If that is you, then it is really good to see that you have decide to change that in your life.


I put a lot of emphasis on writing things down. Writing is memory preserved. Writing down gives you clarity. There is tons of research out there on importance of writing down feelings, writing down goals and vision. William James, the great American psychologist, said that he did not know what he thought until he had written his thoughts down. When he didn’t know what to write, he wrote about anything that came to mind. Eventually, his ideas became focused and clarified.

Write whatever comes to mind when planning your life in different aspects. Don’t worry too much about sentence construction, spelling, or grammar. There will be plenty of time to write polished sentences later. Avoid criticizing what you write. Premature criticism interferes with the creative process. In the execution phase we will be using our logical side to find which of the goals are practical and doable in near future.


 This is not a program in which you just have a good time listening to cool stuff and carry on. This is a transformational program which will show results, only when you act on it. Planning is half of the battle but the other half is acting on it and being consistent. Thus this is not a traditional goal setting or dream writing program. This is a DOING program. No self-help program is of use unless you act on it consistently and make it part of your daily habit.

Hence, if you plan to just roll with the flow of the course, without acting on it, without changing your behaviors and habits, then this program is not for you. Let me tell you something well in advance – the program dives deep into every aspect of your life. You will be thinking a lot. There will be a lot of questions asked. There will be a lot of writing done. You will write a whole book about yourself and your life.


This course will really help you ground yourself in the present. This course will help you out of depression and anxiety. Remember that if you are stuck in the past, you will be depressed. If you are stuck thinking about future, you will face anxiety. These are key contributors to stress in life. In this course we will help you assess your present position, analyze your past and plan your future. That way you will be more grounded in the present. You will know where you come from and where you are going. That is the power of the Legendarium.

What You Get


Step by Step details of Self Assessment


Access to The Path Finder book, Life Path Model and Choice Analysis Chart


Over 40 hours of videos and audios


Your very own Legendarium Pack


All Course Reference and Study Materials


Online access and membership to The Sage Force Site


Access to The Sage Force group


This course is the most comprehensive course on Self-Assessment, Life Planning Lifestyle Designing, Habit Control, Self-Accountability and Goal Accomplishment.


This will be the toughest module to handle. I takes alot of courage to sit down and critically assess your self. No one wnats to know they have not been doing everything right. The Fact that you have decided to make things better is a sign that you are ready to take the first step. Here we set our base line from which we measure our direction and progress. Key Things we will learn are:

a. Legendary Mindset

b. The art of Self-Assessment

c. Uncovering our past

d. Setting up a Base Line


Planning requires the most focus and attention in this course. Here we will go deep into each aspect of life and define it as we understand it, identify limiting beliefs, replace limiting beliefs with empowering beliefs and so much more. The five aspects are Personal, family, social, professional and your Lifestyle. Each of them are further divided into elements or sub-aspects. You can make your own but initially you will work on 5 elements of each of the broad aspect. Be very honest and thorough in this part. If this part is done right, rest will be just a matter of application and consistensy. The first time of this process is always the most time & energy consuming. If you get through, this you are more than halfway there to a Legendary Life. Then you bring all your work into a single concise vision which we call Your SAGA. Its about how it looks like when all things in all aspects are combined. This is important as you will find some of the things are not so consistent like you want acheive something for which you need to work 12 hours a day but you see that you wont be able to make time that way for your child’s soccer game. So you will then re-evaluate everything till you get the concise, clear and coherrent vision of your life. While this may seem all so overwhelming, the good news is that you will have your best friend KHAN and the entire SAGE FORCE to back you up!


This is the practical phase in which you will put your plan into action. This is where you deploy all the planning to life. You will start working in the direction to achieve your Legenary Life. You will feel the change, feel yourself becoming a Legend. New opportunities and people will enter your life, as your mindset, behavior and work pattern changes. This is where you are focused on doing things, getting things done. Here you set up your daily routine, habits and so on.


Not every plan is fool proof. The key thing is to ha ve a plan, implement it, reflect on it (monitor and evaluate progress) and improvise it to get the end goal, your SAGA i.e. your clear life vision. Here we will learn self-accountability and keep track of our progress. I will teach you how you can use your Legendarium Pack to make sure you stay on track.


No plan is fail safe. You are likely to meet with obstacles and failures. That is how you learn. But the good news is that you have the backing of The Sage Force to help you stay consistent. They will be the support you need to stay focused on your vision. You will also get KHAN’s additional D.O.S.E (Dose of self empowerment) of wisdom to help you through various obstacles. This portion is now your ongoing journey and struggle, but you are not alone, you have your friends from THE SAGE FORCE!



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If you want additional coaching for this course, or you want this course taught individually or as a couple or family or as a small group, you will have following advantages:


Personalized Training program to acheive your dream life


Your Best Friend KHAN, individually guiding you every step of the way


Special discouts on other courses along the way


More Learning opportunities!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the course duration?

There is no fixed duration for this. Take as much time as you like but do it right, to the best of you abilities. The course is deliberately left open ended in terms of time to so that you can have a more personalized approach to it. Everyone learns at a different pace

How many lectures do I undergo in a day?

You will go at your pace. I suggest that you set aside one hour a day. Go through the lectures and do the practical steps religiously. Try to develop a habit of just showing up first and eventually you will be able to do the tasks that are assigned in each lecture. Do each step and dont skip any step. So take as much load as you can go on with. The course is very detailed and trying to do all of it at once wont do any good. The key is to take small consistent steps, show up and apply what you learn.

When will I see change in my Life?

You will begin to see the change when you adopt the mindset of a “Legend”. You will feel some old trash (people, things etc) in your life leave and when you adopt the lifestyle of a “Legend” (by consistently doing the right things), you will eventually see the world change. For some people it is in a couple of weeks and for some people, a couple of months. But the thing is, this course will change your world inside out if you properly follow it, GUARANTEED. 

How is this course different from any other Life Improvement or Goal Setting Course?

Traditional goal setting is about you planning stuff in a linear fashion, feel good and then throw in trash. Atleast that is how I see it. Legendarium is much much MUCH detailed and deeper than this. It defines your present position through a huge series of self assessment

Is this course for Teenagers and Kids?

I suggest that that people of age more than 18 (those who are enroute a professional life) should do it. But it is definitely a good idea to introduce the whole discipline and philosophy of this course to kids and teenagers (Age 10 and above) so they can learn to have a more structured thought pattern and creativity.

I am 50+ Years old. How can this course help me?

Yes. All you need is a dedicated and focused effort of 1-2 years to see your goals become reality. Whatever time you have can be made better and better. So this course is definitely for you!

Is there a more Flexible Pricing Plan?

There are Three Plans: One time payment, Two monthly installment and The Yearly Subsciption model. The yearly subscription is fixed and is recommended so that you stay focused and do all the practical work. However there can be more flexible plans for the whole payment complete plans if you need it. 

What aspect of life is focused in this course?

Most people only focus on either improving their career, friendship, marriage, wealth, health, and relationships – but in reality there are many more areas of life that shape your success, happiness and true fulfillment. This course is about balancing all aspects of life. You can have a good health, good career, relationships, social life etc and enjoy good wealth all at same time. This course will take you deeper and you will see that life is much more than what we really think it is. We dive in to 5 major aspects, each subdivided into 5 more sub-aspects or elements. We define each area to the depth, that you have never experienced before. Whether you’re looking for clarity about your life, a clear plan or vision, this is a proven system to achieve your goals, or even if you want to reinvent or rediscover yourself – This course gives you the tools, techniques, the method, the understanding and clarity, and inspiration you need to get where you want to be. This is the sytem I use for myself and I am sharing it for others to benefit from it.

How is subscription model different from other Payment plans?

In Subscription model, the per month price is most convinent and extremely affordable for most people. You will get access to lessons on weekly basis. This way you are most likely to follow up through the application of what you learn. You can move on only when you have completed the given tasks. If you leave in between, you will not be given the next materials. In the one time payment, you pay once and get all the audio, video and coursework materials (and any subsequent updates to the course, which is often so). 


Life Planning, Lifestyle Designing and Your Life Philosophy in one course!

About KHAN

Striving to help people discover their purpose and unleash their true potential one person at a time, KHAN is a family guy, student, life long learner, blogger, writer, adventurer, Seafarer, workoholic, chronic over-thinker, entrepreneur, friend, coach, counselor, philanthropist and educator.

He has served in Navy for 12 years and has spent time in the most operational naval ships. He has travelled to more than 10 countries around the world and has a lot of exposure as a professional Naval Officer.

He is a certified meditation instructor from Silva International and uses practical techniques to help people take control of their lives. I have been trained by Master Trainers Ed Bernd Jr and Katherine Sandusky of Silva International.

He has also been part of MUNs for a long time and has coached scores of students in debating.

He has a passion and a deep understanding of NLP, Hypnosis, Philosophy, Psychology, Linguistics and religion. He is a Certified Hypno-counselor and has helped many people overcome their limitations and achieve their full potential in life.

Apart from this, He is a music composer and loves to sing, play piano and guitar. His Music Brand is CONCHORD.

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