Are you ready learn some of the most profound methods to train your mind to become fluent with so much more that the mind has to offer, like better intuition, clairvoyance, healing and connection with higher intelligence? 


Jose Silva’s life has transcended time and space to become one of the world’s all time great success stories. Orphaned at age 4, he never attended school a day in his life as a student; yet the reading and research that he undertook to help his own children, led him to discover the hidden secrets of the mind and human potential. His experience as an electronics technician, along with his study of psychology, hypnosis, and music, gave him a unique set of tools that allowed him to see the actual interaction of the electronic frequencies of the brain, with the functioning of the mind and human behavior. Jose Silva’s 22 years of dogged determination to dig out these secrets has literally changed the world. He actually found the secret of success. 

He first started working with his own children in 1944, then in the 1950s and 1960s helped his neighbors learn how to actually use the untapped power of their minds to get whatever they needed. While he never asked them to pay him, he was rewarded greatly with more knowledge on this subject than anyone else on the planet. He began offering the Silva Mind Control Method to the public in 1966, and by 1997 it was being taught in more than 100 countries, in 29 different languages, and millions of people have benefited. This man with no formal schooling wrote the book on mind development – in fact, he’s had more than a dozen books published by major publishers, in two dozen languages. Prior to his passing in 1999 he developed a new course – actually more than a course, he calls it a System: The Silva UltraMind ESP System.

He said this was the course he had always wanted to teach, but humanity hadn’t been ready for it until now. He turned the old course over to others and devoted the rest of his life to UltraMind. In addition to helping people develop and use their own God-given intuition, Jose Silva’s UltraMind ESP System includes a new scientifically-based technique to communicate with higher intelligence regularly and reliably to obtain help and guidance in carrying out your mission in life.


It is truly an honor for me to be your guide in this awesome course originally developed by Jose Silva. I have had hours of training in meditation courses like TM, Reiki etc but I have found Silva UM to be the most effective. I learned this system in 2015 when I was at one of my toughest times and still use these techniques. Seeing how much it helped me, I decided to teach what I learned so that more and more people can benefit from this system.

My Name is KHAN aka “SAGE”. I have a very diverse background which starts from Sea and then to the Cyber world and to the world of mind and spirit.  I have visited 12 countries and this exposure has humbled me and put me on a quest to learn more about my self and help others to acheive their true potential. I have had the honor to deeply study Mr. Silva and I will do my best to relay his philosophy and his techniques to the best of my knowledge and understanding!


Whether you are doing other kind of meditation systems, self-hypnosis, healing, goal-setting or various kinds of therapy, by yourself or working with other people, it has often shown to be working even better when you add the methods you learn and begin to practice from the Silva UltraMind ESP system.

This is also ideal for coaches, therapists, trainers, teachers, entrepreneurs and professionals to build a stronger vibration of inner balance and intuition (and so much more) to help you be even better in your work or in your practice


  • ESP is not limited by time or space or physical barriers.
  • Your mental communications can’t be blocked
  • Information cannot be hidden from you
  • You can learn to tell if someone is lying to you
  • Your ESP is always available and free to use
  • When you know what to do, it is instant, reliable, and verifiable
  • Contact us for more details on personalized courses, all at the comfort of your home!


The UltraMind ESP Systems is not an “information product.” It is not just a chunk of knowledge. There are no “facts” to remember.

The UltraMind ESP Systems helps you learn a new skill – how to do something you don’t know how to do at this time. That new skill is the ability to detect information with your mind, information that is not available to your physical senses.

All you need to do – and it is important that you do it this way – is to go through the conditioning cycles (mental exercises) in the UM ESP Complete Home Seminar in order the first time. Each one builds you what you did in the previous conditioning cycles. You can go back and review, but don’t skip ahead.

If you do that, and follow the instructions – do what we instruct you to do – you will develop this new skill: ESP. Then you can use this new skill to help you in all aspects of your business and personal life.


  • Use your God given intuition accurately and reliably.
  • Have a reliable method to go into a deep relaxation state.
  • Program your mind effectively with your own statements for success.
  • Connect with higher intelligence who will always guide you in the right direction.
  • Reach and maintain a strong balance within yourself, your inner peace.
  • Prosper in business by being able to make better decisions.
  • Concentrate with total focus and clarity.
  • Become a broadcaster of good vibrations to people around you
  • and much more…

What You Get


KHAN as your Course Instructor


Silva Daily Morning and Evening Meditation Session recordings


Over 40 hours of videos and audios


Certification and Membership to Silva International Graduate Association


All Course Reference and Study Materials


Online access and membership to The Sage Force Site


Access to The Sage Force group

The Online Experience

This course has been taught in live seminars but here we provide you 23 years of Jose Silva’s knowledge and experience at the comfort of your home. You can have all the benefits of a 2-day intensive at the comfort of your home. Save time, money and Gas, and learn at your own pace!

Did You Know?

Did you know that after 1945, we were on brink of another world war multiple times? How horrible would that have been? Let me tell you a REAL story that will really amaze you! 

In 1983 Lt Col Petrove was at on one of the Bunkers in Russia where the Soviets monitored their Satlite based detection System. Now he heard an alarm which showed 5 intercontinental ballistic Nukes heading towards them. Normally one may think like “The machine says threat, chances are its true so we strike back!”. Well that is what everyone including his superiors thought. But Petrov realised that if USA wanted to attack, why send 5? why not hundreds? Now there were only few minutes to decide what to do. He went for his gut and reported it false alarm to his superiors. The Satellite actually detected Sun Rays hitting the cloud leading it to give an alarm for a missile attack. For this he got multiple humanitarian awards…

So what was the one thing that got him through that tough spot in life? Those few crucial minutes? It was following his gut and knowing that it was right to do so. 

You can also learn to develop your intuition. With Silva Ultra Mind, you can learn to go beyond “the feeling” or “visions” and project your senses and mental faculties anywhere at any time to solve problems. You will learn ESP, the skill of psychics and clairvoyants.

Learn with me!

Get a chance to learn with your best friend KHAN!

Signing up for this course will grant you the chance to be guided by KHAN. This will allow you to apply what you learn in a more effective manner!

Learn at your pace!

The most flexible offer!

We provide personalized and customized system so that you can apply Ultra Mind techniques, as per your situation. The system is fully online and you can learn according to your scenario.

Achieve your goals

See the results of your work!

Silva UltraMind ESP Systems have been successful because of its results. This is not some traditional meditation or Self-Hypnosis course. This is a course that helps you to use your mind and project them to solve problems.

Jose Silva, the founder of The Silva Method, is a man I have admired for a long time. I have used The Silva Method of visualization for many years. It has helped me overcome illnesses and accidents and avoid surgery. I urge you to attend Silva training sessions.

Here is what is said about this amazing course!

Wayne W. Dyer, Author of Power of Intention


This course will teach you the original Silva Ultra Mind Techniques

In addition to helping people develop and use their own God-given intuition, Jose Silva’s UltraMind ESP System includes a new scientifically-based techniques to communicate with higher intelligence regularly and reliably to obtain help and guidance in carrying out your mission in life.


Understand Brain Frequencies

Jose Silva developed Brain Frequency chart to explain how our brain works at different levels. This understanding is foundation to the course and application of the techniques. 


Brain Centering Exercises

We will guide you through different exercises to center your brain frequency (or grounding) at 10cps. This is where you are able to understand and solve problems as you have access to inner and outer conciousness. 


Develop ESP

We work on Effective Sensory Projection not Extra Sensory projection as said by Dr J.B Rhine. Jose Silva gave a more effective technique which was to project our sensing faculties to problem areas to solve them..


Reach Alpha Level

Buddhist and yogis took a very long time to learn how to come in the meditative state of mind which science calls the brain centering frequency or Alpha Level. We teach you how to achieve it in a matter of seconds!


Develop intuition

Logic is not the only way to solve problem. It is a left brain way to view the world. We need the right brain or the imaginative side which is called intuition, something we all need to learn.


Solve Problems

Our purpose in this world is to do our best to solve problems on earth. This program gives you the exact techniques as to how to access more information from your sub-consciouns mind and solve problems in the real world!

The most important technique I learned in The Silva Method was creative visualization… I found that it was amazingly effective!

Here is what is said about this amazing course!

Shakti Gawain, Author of Creative Visualization

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If you want additional coaching for this course, or you want this course taught individually or as a couple or family or as a small group, you will have following advantages:


Personalized Training program to acheive your dream life


Your Best Friend KHAN, individually guiding you every step of the way


Special discouts on other courses along the way


More Learning opportunities!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the course duration?

There is no fixed duration for this. Take as much time as you like but do it right, to the best of you abilities. The course is deliberately left open ended in terms of time to so that you can have a more personalized approach to it. Everyone learns at a different pace

How many lectures do I undergo in a day?

You will go at your pace. I suggest that you set aside one hour a day. Go through the lectures and do the practical steps religiously. Try to develop a habit of just showing up first and eventually you will be able to do the tasks that are assigned in each lecture. Do each step and dont skip any step. So take as much load as you can go on with. The course is very detailed and trying to do all of it at once wont do any good. The key is to take small consistent steps, show up and apply what you learn.

When will I see change in my Life?

You will begin to see the change when you adopt the mindset of a “Legend”. You will feel some old trash (people, things etc) in your life leave and when you adopt the lifestyle of a “Legend” (by consistently doing the right things), you will eventually see the world change. For some people it is in a couple of weeks and for some people, a couple of months. But the thing is, this course will change your world inside out if you properly follow it, GUARANTEED. 

How do you help develop ESP

The UltraMind ESP Systems is not an “information product.” It is not just a chunk of knowledge. There are no “facts” to remember. The UltraMind ESP Systems helps you learn a new skill – how to do something you don’t know how to do at this time. That new skill is the ability to detect information with your mind, information that is not available to your physical senses.

All you need to do – and it is important that you do it this way – is to go through the conditioning cycles (mental exercises) in the UM ESP Complete Home Seminar in order the first time. Each one builds you what you did in the previous conditioning cycles. You can go back and review, but don’t skip ahead.

If you do that, and follow the instructions – do what we instruct you to do – you will develop this new skill: ESP. Then you can use this new skill to help you in all aspects of your business and personal life.

There is a lot of material on the internet about Jose Silva’s work and the courses he created… but the actual coursework – the conditioning cycles – is not on the internet for free.

You learn to use more of your mind, and use it in a special manner, with the conditioning cycles – the mental exercises. They are the coursework – the conditioning cycles: the Projection to Home, Projection into Metals, Projection into Leaves, etc.

If you see any of those conditioning cycles on the internet for free, please let us know and we will have them removed. It gets confusing when people don’t go through them in the correct order, because you need the previous experience in order to take the next step.

When you learn from a trained and certified Silva UltraMind ESP Systems instructor, you can learn to use your ESP reliably and accurately in just one weekend – just 16 hours of easy, relaxing classroom time.

For more than 30 years, Jose Silva was personally involved in training Silva instructors. He assigned three of his closest associates to continue his work: his son Joe Jr., his nephew Alex Gonzalez Silva, and long time associate Jose Luis “Pepe” Romero. Every Silva UltraMind ESP System instructor receives training that comes in a direct line from Jose Silva.

It is possible to develop your intuition on your own by the “trial and error” method, guiding yourself with one of Mr. Silva’s books or audio albums. But books, tape players, and CD players don’t have minds. It takes a mind to guide another mind.

Is this course for Teenagers and Kids?

I suggest that that people of age more than 18 (those who are enroute a professional life) should do it. But it is definitely a good idea to introduce the whole discipline and philosophy of this course to kids and teenagers (Age 10 and above) so they can learn to have a more structured thought pattern and creativity and develop holistic approach of thinking.

I am 50+ Years old. How can this course help me?

Yes. All you need is a dedicated and focused effort of 1-2 years to see your goals become reality. Whatever time you have can be made better and better. So this course is definitely for you!

Is there a more Flexible Pricing Plan?

Contact for details. 

What aspect of life is focused in this course?

Most people only focus on either improving their career, friendship, marriage, wealth, health, and relationships – but in reality there are many more areas of life that shape your success, happiness and true fulfillment. This course is about balancing all aspects of life. You can have a good health, good career, relationships, social life etc and enjoy good wealth all at same time. This course will take you deeper and you will see that life is much more than what we really think it is. We dive in to 5 major aspects, each subdivided into 5 more sub-aspects or elements. We define each area to the depth, that you have never experienced before. Whether you’re looking for clarity about your life, a clear plan or vision, this is a proven system to achieve your goals, or even if you want to reinvent or rediscover yourself – This course gives you the tools, techniques, the method, the understanding and clarity, and inspiration you need to get where you want to be. This is the sytem I use for myself and I am sharing it for others to benefit from it.

How long have you been training psychics? Can everyone learn? Do you guarantee it?

From the very beginning, Jose Silva always offered an unconditional money back guarantee to anyone who was dissatisfied with his course. Very, very few people every ask for a refund.

Silva UltraMind ESP Systems continues that tradition, and requires every Silva UltraMind ESP Systems instructor to refund money to anyone who asks for it, during the class, at the end of class, or within a few days of the end of the class.

You don’t even need to give a reason. What could be more fair than that?

By 1953, Jose Silva had trained his oldest daughter to be a psychic. Isabel could accurately describe health problems in people she didn’t even know, people who were hundreds of miles away.

When she grew up and became a nurse, she used this ability frequently to be prepared when emergency cases were brought in. During operations, she could often tell what was going to happen before it happened, so she was ready to respond instantly. Doctors who worked with her didn’t know how she did it, but they wanted her with them.

She may well have been the world’s very first “medical intuition” decades before someone came up with that term to describe medical professionals who use their ESP.

During the next 10 years, Mr. Silva trained 39 more people to use their ESP accurately and reliably, whenever they needed to detect information to correct a problem and improve conditions on earth. He pre-tested them to make sure that they were not displaying any signs of ESP before he trained them – to insure that they were not so-called “natural psychics.”

From 1963 to 1966 he trained groups of people in his hometown of Laredo, Texas. In 1965 he offered all of his research to the United States government, free of charge, hoping that they would continue with the work. But they turned him down.

In 1966, after giving a talk about his research to a group of parapsychology students at Wayland Baptist College, word started to spread. He was invited to speak to a group of artists in Amarillo, Texas, and that led to his very first public class.

Thirty years later, people in more than 100 countries around the world were learning how to use visualization and imagination, and mental programming, to manifest what they wanted. And along the way, they were also developing their psychic ability.

People’s consciousness and awareness changed dramatically during those 30 years, thanks largely to the influence of Jose Silva’s efforts. By 1995, the average person believed in ESP and intuition, understood and accepted the reality of a spiritual dimension, and was beginning to ask how this could be used – not just to enhance their own lives, but to make the world a better place to live.

That’s when Jose Silva said that humanity had finally reached the end of the first phase of human evolution, and stood on the brink of the second phase of human evolution.

In 1997, Mr. Silva came up with the technique that people could actually use to begin the march of humanity into the second phase of human evolution: The MentalVideo Technique.

The MentalVideo Technique gives everyone a simple way to do something that only a very few people throughout history have been able to do:

Communicate regularly with higher intelligence in order to obtain guidance and help in fulfilling our mission in life.

The first phase of human evolution was developing and learning to use the tools we were given. We learned and practiced by doing what we wanted to do, getting the things we wanted to have.

The second phase of human evolution is to learn what higher intelligence sent us here to do, and how to do it successfully. Alex Gonzalez Silva explains it beautifully in a wonderful story that he tells.

“The reason we were given psychic ability,” Jose Silva told us in the summer of 1998, “is so that we can find out what we were sent here to do, and how to do it successfully.”

His mission was learning how to train psychics, then training as many as he could, and pointing us in the right direction as we begin the second phase of human evolution on the planet. Thank you for joining us.

Are there prerequisites to taking the UltraMind course?

No, all you need is a desire to learn to develop your intuition and use it to detect information that you can use to help you make better decisions.

Jose Silva realized… and went on to prove… that ESP is a natural human function that everybody has. It is like reading: Everyone has the potential to read, but most of us needed to be taught. Someone who hasn’t learned to read is not dumb, and does not lack some “special ability” that other people have; that person just hasn’t been taught.

That’s why Jose Silva changed the meaning of ESP from “Extra Sensory Projection” to “Effective Sensory Perception.” It is not an “extra” sense like people once thought; it is a sense that you can learn to use very effectively. And we certainly do not need to sit passively and wait to “perceive” information; you can “project” your mind anywhere, any time, to detect information that you need to correct a problem and improve conditions on earth.

The idea of simply waiting for ESP to happen seemed as foolish to Mr. Silva as it would be for you to sit and stare straight ahead and wait for something to move into your field of view! We use our eyes to seek out information that we need. You can project your mind in the same way, which some people call “remote viewing.” The biggest difference: There are no limits that we know of to projecting your mind. You can project it anywhere, and detect any information, if you need that information to correct problems, improve conditions here on planet earth, and fulfill your mission in life.

How is ESP beneficial for my health?

There are countless decisions we make about our health all the time.

When you or a loved one has a health problem, there are many decisions to make:

Your doctor explains your situation and the options available to you

Should you have surgery now, or wait?

Which treatment is the best for you?

Do you need a second opinion?

Which hospital/doctor do you want to help you?

When you are healthy, there are many decisions to make to insure that you maintain optimum health so that you will have the energy that you need to fulfill your mission in life, and that you will live a long, healthy life and be there for your loved ones when they need you… and not be a burden to them:

What is the best nutritional program for you?

What foods should you eat? Which foods should you avoid?

Do you need to take vitamins and supplements?

What exercise program is best for you?

What is your ideal weight and size?

How can ESP help me in my relationships?

Jose Silva’s mind training system has been described as “A course in human sensitivity.” When you are more sensitive to other people, you can respond better to them, building stronger and better relationships. Your intuition can help you in all kinds of relationships:

People who make decisions “on their own,” at the beta brain wave level, are correct on average only 1 time out of 5, Mr. Silva found in his research. Those who use their intuition, at the alpha level, are correct 4 out of 5 times. When you make a decision about who you want to spend the rest of your life with, please use your ESP to obtain as much information as possible, so that you will make the right decision the first time.

It has been said that being a parent is the most difficult job in the world. Parents need all the help they can get. In addition to information you detect with your physical senses – your eyes and ears and other physical senses – you can learn to project your mind so that you can learn what your children are thinking, what their hopes and dreams are, what frightens them, what decisions they are contemplating. This will help you to fulfill your responsibility to guide them as they mature.

We all need friends. There is an old saying that sharing your troubles cuts them in half, and sharing your joys doubles them. Intuition can be invaluable in strengthening friendships.

When it comes to earning a living, relationships are usually involved: Relationships with your employer, your employees, your customers, your clients, your associates. The more you understand about what is wanted or needed or expected of you in these relationships, the easier it will be to earn your living.

How will ESP help me in the business world?

Jose Silva’s mind training system will help you make better decisions. We all know that the more information you have, the better decisions you will make.

If you are employed and work for a living, you can win promotions and pay raises by anticipating what your employer wants and doing it.

Employers can use their intuition to learn what’s on employees’ minds and then take steps to head off potential problems before the develop.

Managers can use the information they obtain with their intuition to help them walk the line between the requirements of the managers above them, and the needs and whims of the employees that they supervise.

Sales people can project their minds mentally to learn what their customers and clients really want and need, what they can really afford to pay for it, and what their real objections are.

Home Seminar

You can recieve all audio and PDF files and do the course on your own pace. However for individual guidance, you will require charged webinar/face2face sessions with KHAN which will be an additional cost. Contact now for specialized offers for this!

Interactive Learning

You will be given audio and PDF materials along with face to face or webinar training (prices vary with number of hours of personalized training). This option gives you the a customized course for your situation. Contact for more information

About KHAN

Striving to help people discover their purpose and unleash their true potential one person at a time, KHAN is a family guy, student, life long learner, blogger, writer, adventurer, Seafarer, workoholic, chronic over-thinker, entrepreneur, friend, coach, counselor, philanthropist and educator.

He has served in Pakistan Navy for 12 years and has spent time in the most operational naval ships. He has travelled to more than 10 countries around the world and has a lot of exposure as a professional Naval Officer.

He is a certified meditation instructor from Silva International and uses practical techniques to help people take control of their lives. I have been trained by Master Trainers Ed Bernd Jr and Katherine Sandusky of Silva International.

He has also been part of MUNs for a long time and has coached scores of students in debating.

He has a passion and a deep understanding of NLP, Hypnosis, Philosophy, Psychology, Linguistics and religion. He is a Certified Hypno-counselor and has helped many people overcome their limitations and achieve their full potential in life.

Apart from this, He is a music composer and loves to sing, play piano and guitar. His Music Brand is CONCHORD.

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