I have chosen my purpose to help people unleash their potential and develop the ability to think, plan and achieve their goals to make this planet a better place to live. For that I have forged a path of enlightenment (fancy word for Training system) for everyone to follow. I want to teach people how to learn and how to teach that to others. 



The Path Finder

Learn an empowering concept of Fate and Destiny. Apply the Choice Analysis Chart and Life Path model to make better decisions and take back control of your life.




The Empowering God

Learn how belief in God can actually empower you in real life (not a religious book). This book dives deeper on how the lack of belief in concept of God has led to destruction of order and led us to chaos.

Chess of Life

Chess is one of my favorite games and it has helped me grow as a person. It is an excellent game to sharpen the mind and I salute the people who invented this game. In this book I will teach how to play chess as a game and apply it to your life, which is itself a game.


Death and Beyond

This book is about different perspectives of death throughout human history. Death is what gives meaning to life and it is actually a very empowering to have a good perspective of death. We may not know yet what is beyond death but the belief is a very empowering one. 


I plan to write this book all along my life and I would want this book to be published upon my departure from this world. This book will be my legacy for my children and for all the children in the world who need it.




Learn how to plan and execute to acheive your dream life. You will be able to develop your life philosophy and in the process become a better version of yourself!

The Seeker

The course will give you the tools to not only adjust to the present flawed education system but will also allow you to open a whole new world of learning. Studying will become something more of self-exploration and I am sure you will enjoy studying!

Master Mind

This course is the most in depth course on mindfulness and dynamic meditation. You can take this course and continue doing other courses as well. This course is about making meditation part of your daily life and use it to solve problems.  

The Conqueror

This course will teach you some essential with respect to maintaining a healthy body. We are a tristate being which means mind, body and spirit. Sageducation is about attending to all three. I will refer to everyone as Conqueror in this course.

The Rhetorician

We will learn how to improve social dealing, speaking skills and presentation skills. We will work to improve verbal and non-verbal body language in detail. This will totally transform you and you will no longer have any stage fright or nervousness of such sorts.

The Elite Lancers

In this course we will be learning to ace our professional and business lives. It will give all the skills required for to be successful as an employee and employer. We will also discuss how to manage our money and create financial abundance.

The Mentor

Coaching and mentoring can help people through very tough times and we all need a good mentor. In many fields I have seen, people have suffered because they never had a good mentor. Even if they learn to make it, they don’t know how to pass on the knowledge they had. This is a recipe for an organizational downfall in the long run.

Love Birds

This course will teach you how to have a happy relationship and marriage. Oh, the audience title will be Love Birds. You will learn both ends of the game. Once you understand the other, you will find you are easily understood. Sounds strange? Sign up to find out what I mean.

The Nurturer

In this course we will learn some awesome ways of parenting. Children are our future and we must learn how to help them grow as a better human being. We have to inculcate good values and skills and I think this is one of the most neglected areas of life. Audience Title is, you know it, awesome parent.


Silva Ultra Mind ESP Systems

Learn Silva Ultra Mind to develop intuition and ESP. Learn amazing Techniques to control habits, control yourself in stressful situation, reduce stress, improve productivity, improve relationships, gather information from your subconscious mind and use it to help solve problems. Includes the Mental Video and 3 scenes techniques. This course was originally developed by Jose Silva and KHAN has been trained by Master Trainers Ed Bernd Jr and Katherine Sandusky of Silva International.

Learn From Home

The Online System

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Striving to help people discover their purpose and unleash their true potential one person at a time, KHAN is a family man, blogger, Coach, Trainer, Writer, life-long learner and adventurer.

He has served in Navy for 12 years and has spent time in the most operational naval ships. He has travelled to more than 10 countries around the world and has a lot of exposure as a professional Naval Officer.

He is a certified meditation instructor from Silva International and uses practical techniques to help people take control of their lives. I have been trained by Master Trainers Ed Bernd Jr and Katherine Sandusky of Silva International.

He has also been part of MUNs for a long time and has coached scores of students in debating.

He has a passion and a deep understanding of NLP, Hypnosis, Philosophy, Psychology, Linguistics and religion. He is a Certified Hypno-counselor and has helped many people overcome their limitations and achieve their full potential in life.

Apart from this, He is a music composer and loves to sing, play piano and guitar. His Music Brand is CONCHORD.







Karachi, Pakistan