Understanding life after death and effects of belief in afterlife on our present life

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About The Book

Different societies and religions have different concepts about life after death. You must have heard about good people going to heaven and bad people going to hell. Some religions says that God decides that after death based on the deeds of the person. But why is it so that so many people’s fate is decided by a particular group of people in their life time? Is there really an afterlife? What if there isn’t? What is the scientific proof of it? Has anyone reported such thing? Why do we even need to know?

This book is about different perspectives of death throughout human history. Death is what gives meaning to life and it is actually a very empowering to have a good perspective of death. The afterlife concept has been taught in many religions and philosophies. Many atheists and scientist however do not agree to that concept. We may not know yet what is beyond death but the belief is a very empowering one. 

People tend to be very certain telling others “you will burn in hell” or “you are confirmed going to heaven”. One may ask them “Who told you all that? How did you even know? Did you visit there or was their an email?”. 

What’s inside


Various Ideas about after life

How various societies see the idea of afterlife


The idea of death

Should we fear death?


Proof of afterlife?

How can we be so sure about heaven and hell?


Life without accounability

How does the belief of afterlife impact us


The Godly System

A different understanding of the system of univese


How do we go to heaven?

The final note

About the author.

Striving to help people discover their purpose and unleash their true potential one person at a time, KHAN is a family guy, student, life long learner, blogger, writer, adventurer, Seafarer, workoholic, chronic over-thinker, entrepreneur, friend, coach, counselor, philanthropist and educator.

He has served in Navy for 12 years and has spent time in the most operational naval ships. He has travelled to more than 10 countries around the world and has a lot of exposure as a professional Naval Officer.

He is a certified meditation instructor from Silva International and uses practical techniques to help people take control of their lives. I have been trained by Master Trainers Ed Bernd Jr and Katherine Sandusky of Silva International.

He has also been part of MUNs for a long time and has coached scores of students in debating.

He has a passion and a deep understanding of NLP, Hypnosis, Philosophy, Psychology, Linguistics and religion. He is a Certified Hypno-counselor and has helped many people overcome their limitations and achieve their full potential in life.

Apart from this, He is a music composer and loves to sing, play piano and guitar. His Music Brand is CONCHORD.

You are the Sage of your Saga


Understand Death and AfterLife

Death and beyond

Learn how death and afterlife concept can help improve your life

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