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Our Vision is to connect, upgrade and revolutionize humanity

The Sage Force is an intellectual movement which aims to bring all people, irrespective of religion, gender, caste, color or creed under the banner of humanity. It is Force comprising of people of various ideologies, united under humanity, who respect, help and honor each other despite differences of all sorts.

Mission & Purpose

Humanity has undergone some major changes in the last century. There has been an information overload since the advent of internet. The world has never faced confusion at such a massive level. The concept of The Sage Force is to get people out of their ideological boundaries and tribal mentality and help evolve into cosmic-centric mentality. The purpose is to help groom people by connecting them with one another, with mutual respect, patience, tolerance, honor, compassion and understanding.


Our Beliefs





Our Beliefs & Values

Key Elements in personality of the Legend of The Sage Force are:

Compassion (Understanding others not judge)

Faith and Belief

Positive Attitude and Purity of Intent


Persistence and Determination


Learning Attitude

Honesty and Sincerity

Loyalty, Honor and Courage

Patience and Tolerance

Discipline and Self Control

Collaboration instead of conflict



    We believe that no matter what identity, group, nation, caste, color or creed we belong to, we are all humans. We deserve respect, honor, love and compassion. We are united under the banner of humanity. We are all part of a collective consciousness. We are all citizens of this universe.

    Freedom of Expression

    Everyone is free to express themselves. We understand that no two people are completely the same and its the diversity of perspective that makes this world so amazing. There is no one way to do anything and when anyone views anything, they may differ. To express their uniqueness in perspective, freedom of expression is important. 


    As a human being, we have to be compassionate not only to each other, but to other beings as well. While law, order and discipline is important to run the society, compassion is an important essence that make Human Society “Human” and not mechanical.


    Every human being is different and unique. The uniqueness is the beauty of that person. We respect everyone despite differences. We aim to help others and we are strong enough to make sure no one hurts us and get the respect we deserve.


    We seek to understand first. We believe that through understanding each other we can help solve major dispute and live in a peaceful coexistence.

    “There will be no prophet or messiah coming to save the world. We are the ones we are waiting for. We are the Sages of our time. We have to learn, improve and act to help make things better for our next generation. There is no other time to act. The time is NOW.”      




    KHAN is the founder of The Sage Force movement with the sole intent to help people understand each other so they come closer, work together to make earth a better place to live. The goal is a peaceful coexistence.

    Your Best Friend: KHAN

    Your Best Friend: KHAN


    KHAN is a family guy, student, life long learner, blogger, writer, adventurer, Seafarer, workoholic, chronic over-thinker, entrepreneur, friend, coach, counselor, philanthropist and educator. He has a passion for learning and teaching. He loves to crack people and ideas owing to his background in Cyber Security as well as NLP, Philosophy, Meditation and Hypnosis. He loves to share what he learns and tries to grasp as much knowledge from others to enhance the collective consciousness of humanity.