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This is Your Best Friend KHAN!

I’m a simple guy who wants to learn more about everything and share what he learns.

Im a proponent of Universal Brotherhood, who believes that everyone is free to express themselves and choose their path while respecting others and honoring differences, uniqueness and individuality.

I am a Military Brat who has alot of passion to do more for the world by helping people grow and reach their maximum potential. I have been through rigorous training and have taught people the fortitude to go through the tough times and reach their goals. Training and coaching is my passion and I love to add value to people’s life.

I am blessed to be a family guy who has wonderful parents, siblings, wife and a kid (in chronological order)

Also I am a Passionate traveller who has been to 12 countries and each visit has been an opportunity to learn better about myself and about people. I love to go on adventures and travelling is one of my top priorities in life.

My extensive MUN and debate coaching allows me to be more interactive with my audience. My interactive style of chairing has been my distinguishing factor in all the events I have been to. My NLP/Hypnosis/Philosophical background allows me to understand people and have a different perspective to life. 

An A-grade Student as per society’s standards in my O & A level and higher studies. Yet I believe that the education system is severely flawed as it focuses more on conflicts and competition instead of collaboration and coexistence. This system is rotten to its core as I see now how children are so manipulative to let each other down at early stages to get grades instead of uplifting each other as part of one universal brotherhood.

A lover of music; I sing, play piano and guitar and compose music. My Music Brand is CONCHORD.

As passionate writer and blogger, I love writing and it is the best way of expression I know, other than music.

Learn with Me!

Join me on my amazing journey of self-development and learning. I developed my program “Sageducation”, which is a culmination of courses, based on my idea that anyone can be a Sage, provided they know how to think, learn, apply their learning, interact with people and teach what they learn to others so the development continues. With time I have improved the system with the help of you people and the concept is to allow the system to evolve so that it can benefit everyone and revolutionize humanity.


“Help people achieve their true potential and purpose to contribute in improving conditions worldwide and inspire people to coexist peacefully and collaboratively as a universal brotherhood called humanity.”


“To make learning fun, improve education system which focuses on practicality, relevancy, and works along the lines of collaboration over competition & peaceful coexistence over conflicts and help improve conditions on the planet so we give a better world to live in to our next generation.”




This is your best friend KHAN with the best self-help, motivational, health and fitness blog on the web!

I welcome you to the Force my friend. If you are visiting my website, it means that you are one step closer to become part of The Sage Force.

My name is KHAN and I am so glad to meet you! Think of me as your friend. Think of me as that student who has understood some topic before others and teaches his classmates. I dont think these kind of classmates exist now do they? Well I have always been that type of kid in class.

As a kid I was always shy. Making new friends was a tough task for me. I could not stand people at all. My mom tells this story that when there used to be guests in our house; I would say “Mom! Let’s get out of this house and go somewhere else, there is too many people here”. Yep! I was an introvert. I cannot thank my parents enough because they provided me with the best possible environment for learning and growth. I am always thankful to Allah for a wonder family he has provided me with.

Since we moved around a lot, I never had the chance to stay in my comfort zone. I was always challenged, by the society and by myself as well. This forced me to always be adaptive and I always remained in learning mode. Eventually I developed the habit of observing people, their behavior, how their childhood and past affect their perception, analogy and response to different situation. I love studying lives of successful people as well as successful couples.


I was never good at writing or speaking. This is the area I started from scratch and ended up teaching students around me. I believe, as an introverted extrovert, I can help people in this field better because I know what goes in the mind of someone who is not used to public speaking.

In 2015 I was introduced to Silva UltraMind which actually changed my life. It changed the way I looked at the world. I did pray being a Muslim but Silva UltraMind brought me to the quest of understanding of religion, Philosophy, and humanity. I began understanding that I dont know S*** about anything and there is so much to learn out there. Silva’s method of meditation actually helped me solve a lot of my inner problems. For the first time in my life I began to truly understand myself. As a child who grew up worrying about what people or society would say and my decisions relying on social gratification, it was an eye opener for me.

Since then I began to learn more on mindfulness, NLP, Hypnosis and other mind sciences related subjects. I realized that we all are individuals and no one can judge or categorize us nor can we do that to others. The affirmation taught in Silva UM “Do to others what you want others to do to you” actually broadened my horizon about being patient and respectful of others point of views. This was what brought me closer to my religion Islam which teaches the same. I began reading and following people like Tim Ferris, T. Eckhart, Tony Robbins, Robin Sharma, S.R Covey, Jay Shetty and Charlie Houpert on youtube, only to realize that I should start doing what makes me feel happy and fulfilled i.e. teaching what I learn.


I have always the student who is good in some subject and always helps others. I guess probably, the one who learns while he teaches stuff. Yeah! That’s me! I may not be the best or the perfect person but I know that together we can all achieve greatness. In school I always loved teaching whatever I learned. That’s how prepared for my exams. It is one of the ways I believe I can contribute. I never used to hide notes or lectures. I loved to share what I learn, even if it meant losing advantage of getting First Position. I always believed in collaborative learning over the competition.

The present education is focused on information which is producing informed but unskilled citizens. However it neglects learning, understanding, concept building, character development, team building and other skills which are actually required in life.

All our life we have been taught everything from chemical compositions of our body to world history to calculus but we are expected to learn things like memory, reading, writing, taxes, money making, business skills, speaking skills etc on our own. 

My endeavor is to focus on this part. We are forced to learn and never taught how to learn. Despite being an “A-Grade” of the present education system, I believe it is flawed. It restricts our capability and makes us a 9 to 5 slave.

I love learning, reading, travelling, meeting new people and doing new courses. My intention is to teach whatever I learn and help everyone achieve their dreams and goals. I hope my blog, my courses and videos can all inspire you to become better; in professional life, in personal life, in social life and in marital life and help you achieve your life goals!