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Check this post to know the Guy's side of why an early marriage is beneficial.

December 27, 2020

Waddup Legends!

This is your best friend KHAN and today we will talk about benefits of an early marriage.

I think marriage is a personal choice and by that I mean that it’s situational and it varies person to person. So what I am about to tell you, may or may not apply to you. I totally understand people who want to focus on careers first and then marriage. So many people have to generate resources for conduct of marriage because honestly, it’s quite an expensive commitment.

So here are my four points regarding benefits of an early marriage!s

1)         You have energy

If you do it early, you have a lot of energy to do things. In our youth, a lot of issues don’t affect us and we can cut through the tough times like sleepless nights and the diaper problems. In a young age, you are more playful and can have a lot of fun with the kids without getting tired!

2)         You can enjoy every moment

In a young age you are full of life. This is the age you can climb mountains, swim in oceans and run a marathon if you work on it. Every moment of your younger time is the one you cherish in your old age. If there is a loving wife and a baby in that moment, this is something you will always be thankful for.

3)         Your family is likely to be more available

Now in my case, Alhamdullillah my mom and dad are alive and well. My 3 younger sisters live with me. My wife’s family is all available. Her paternal and maternal grandmothers are also close. So, if you have a similar scenario like mine, let me tell you that you truly are blessed and so will your child be. Imagine the love and care from the parents, grandparents and great grandparents of the child. This is something that cannot be exchanged for any amount of money in the world. Moreover, you will always have their guidance as to how to handle the baby so in this way you will not have to rely on trial and error!

4) You can avoid any problem w.r.t your reproductive system

Seeing the conditions these days with respect to the pollution in environment as well as the decreasing quality of our diets (fast food, broiler chicken and carbonated drinks at the top of the list), our reproductive systems are not doing so good.

There used to be a time when women would be fine even after giving birth to 12 kids and now, women tend to give up at 2nd kid mostly due to physical limitations. Men used to be able to produce kids at ages of 80 but nowadays I have seen men of ages about 28 firing blank shots. The cellular phones technology, microwaves, radio waves etc all have contributed to the degeneration of the human reproductive system.

Now those who have been in the navy or Airforce or in a high tech environment, working close to the radar system and other complicated electro-magnetic systems, need to be really careful of this as we are more prone to become blank cartridges. Some very close people also advised not to do any family planning for first child as it tells weather any problem exists or not. A lot many people who used protection in the start later ended up not being able to have kids.

My maternal aunt was not able to conceive in first 4 years of marriage. The social pressure started to build up. People started talking. They started comparing her to the cousins who married at same time and had babies at that time around. Luckily, her husband started consulting some good doctors right after they realized the problem. People did say stuff like “what is the use of seeing a doctor now? Why not wait a few years?” He would say that “after few years, the same effort has to be done. Why not do it now?” And he was right! They did have a son after 4 years of their marriage and then a daughter, then a son and a daughter and then another son. So it is best to not resist anything for the first child.

The First year of marriage is for travel and getting to know each other better. No matter how long you have been dating, trust me it is all multiplied by zero in a marriage. You are literally sharing everything and a lot of things might come to surface which would not come in normal life. So initially there is a lot of hardwork to be done by both sides to come to common terms and live in peaceful co-existential relationship.

Once your lives are streamlined, then onwards I advise attempting to have kids. Its best to check if there is problem in the guy or the girl. Earlier the problem is diagnosed, the better. Treatment can be done in time and things can go smooth thereon.

In my society there is a lot of pressure on the woman if there are on kids. I feel this is so wrong but I think society or not, women do take the pressure of not being able to produce kid by nature. I think women tend to feel insecurity in regards to this more than the men. This may differ person to person but I think it this way. I have seen that if the wife’s friend has given birth to a child, the wife may feel it more than ever. I have seen this a lot around me. I think its natural to feel this way. So why not get things clear and sorted out at the earliest.

So I hope you all get my point.

This is KHAN signing off. Peace be on you all!

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