Waddup Legends! Today I am going to share a very important thing with you. This is basically a question. It is a question I urge everyone to ask themselves every once a while especially when in tough times. Basically, I believe it should be asked on a routine basis so that you are clear about yourself, your life principles and all other areas of life.

The Million Dollar Question is “Who am I?”. Not like in the Jacky Chan movie though but yeah, the question is very important. You have to take your time out every now and then to answer it.

Here is how I put things out for myself. Hey! Its a chance for you all to know me better! (YAYY)

I am not a leftist. I am not a right wing supporter. I am not a radical. I am not an extremist. (Definitely not a terrorist… lol).

I believe in Moderate middle path to things (Mayana-Rawi). Truth is not in the left or the right or black or white. It often lies somewhere in between in the gray areas.

I don’t believe that any of us should follow any path blindly. We don’t have to blindly follow someone. We have to be clear about our life principles.

We have to keep learning, think, research and clarify our principles and live by them. We can surely take guidance from great people of the past but we don’t have to blindly follow them. Apply what is needed and discard what you don’t. I even apply this to my religion as well.

I don’t call myself “Hanafi” or “Ihle Sunnah” or “Ihle Hadees” Because I don’t follow any of them fully. My life aspirations are mostly from Quran and Sunnah but I have learned a lot from other as well. I have learned things from Sabbath, Bible, Vedas (Vedic mathematics for sure) and other books as I read them on.

I have learned from people like Javed Ghamidi, Dr Israr, Engineer Mirza, Ameen Ehsan Islahi, Molana Modoodi and so on but that is not the end to it. I learn from Buddha, I learn from Sadh Guru, I learn from Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki and all other people who are not of my caste, color, creed or religion. Listening to people who differ from your narrow point of view will allow your vision to expand. It allows us to grow as human beings, something we need to do on an ongoing basis.

If anyone does not agree with my point of view, it’s okay. I don’t judge them or label them. Difference of opinion adds to the diversity of ideas that exist in humanity’s collective consciousness. I don’t declare anyone good or bad or Kafir or pious on basis of my observations or that of a group. I detest group identity politics. For me individual Identity comes first. Your caste or race or nationality or any other identity is only for identification purposes and that is it. I try to transcend these petty labels and my ultimate effort is to be a good human being first. I want to bring good qualities in me and inspire people around me for the same.

Everyone is different and we have to accept that. We do not have to go for violence for everything. It is often heart breaking to see how people fight merely for politicians whose kids don’t even want to fight for them. They fight on mere view-points. I don’t know since when did a mere point of view has become a matter of ego or life and death. We need to have patience to listen to one another, understand one another, respectfully convey our points and disagree respectfully with one another. Modern education is of no use if we are forgetting the basic manners of having a civilized conversation.

Never think of anything as ultimate and conclusive. Whatever you think you know about anything is never 100% truth. It’s based on information that is momentarily available to you and your understanding is limited. You can never know all sides to a story. You are not God so don’t try to play that role. Be humble and always try to learn and understand different perspectives. Always keep the benefit of doubt.

Life should be in a peaceful, co-dependent, interdependent co-existence. You cannot neglect anyone. Everyone and everything in life has a purpose and role. Some of it you may understand and some you may never.

I have my own life purpose and I work in line of that purpose. It gives me the energy to wake up and get going in the morning. It gives meaning to my life. Although I am still struggling but having a purpose and a mindful attitude allows me to enjoy the journey to that destination. I believe that a purposeless life is the most suffocating thing to ever have. You cannot give away your life to a career or a boss that does not end up in you being able to achieve something meaningful. If you cannot achieve anything meaningful, just passing life to barely pay the bills, I think it’s worth nothing at all. I believe we should live for a meaningful life… A purposeful life.

Much of what you call life and it’s so called rules are built by people who are no less smarter than you are. So build up your own life. Accept your present situation and work your way up to a better life. Think, plan, make a choice and most importantly, ACT. Don’t be afraid to fail! Even if it is 2 step forward and one step back towards the goal, it’s still progress! Don’t let people tell you how to live. Accept what works for you and reject what does not work for you.

I am merely a student of life. I am a traveler. I am a seeker of the truth of my life. I am merely trying to work myself up. I am working to improve. I am working to help those around me in any way I can, be it a smile, a good advice or financial help.

There will be no prophets or sages or great people coming. You are the one you were waiting for. You are the Sage of your time if you choose to be. You are your own savior. You are the author of your book. You are the captain of your ship. You are the Navigator of your Voyage. You are the hero of your story. You are the Legend of your Saga.


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