Waddup Legends! Peace be on you all. It is so nice to be back with some in-sight!

My dad is a hardcore ex-navy seal who has turned into a business man. Military has not left him and he still kinda does business in a military way… Totally straight forward!

But that is not something I am going to talk about today. Today I talk about me! (YAYY!)

The day I got my first paycheck, I remember I was so excited. I wanted to buy stuff for my mom and dad and my 3 younger sisters. I was also looking to buy a new phone for myself. I had so much in my mind! Dad looked at that excitement and I am sure He was very proud of me that day.

He came and asked me “Did you feed the poor (paupers)”… I replied that I had given some money for a charity so it should count as that. He repeated “Have you utilized any amount to buy food to feed the poor?” I replied “No”.

He asked me to recite Chapter 107 of Quran i.e. Surah Mauun. So I recited the Arabic which translates to:

1.            Have you seen the one who denies the Recompense?

2.            For that is the one who drives away the orphan

3.            And does not encourage the feeding of the poor.

4.            So woe to those who pray

5.            [But] who are heedless of their prayer –

6.            Those who make show [of their deeds]

7.            And withhold [simple] assistance.

Quran Chapter 107

 As I recited, I understood something. It is in the third verse of the Surah. The Book that we Muslims claim to believe in commands us to feed the poor. And how many of us actually do that? We are lost so much in our culture scape and social status. So careful are we about our image. So indulged we are to make our profiles and repute and images.


We are so focused on ourselves that we forget on of our fundamental duties not only as a Muslim but as a Human Being i.e. to help those in need. Even if we do, it is all showoff. Even if we pray, it is not with the intent to connect with Allah. I mean taking pics of yourself, going for praying or while visiting orphanage does not count! Also, giving away money as charity may not end up with the people who require it. It may not always yield the results we expect otherwise poverty would have perished long time ago.


The Last verse made me realise that so many times we often withhold simple assistance to people. It can be a good advice. It can be a smile. It can be a pat to motivate someone who is having a bad day. It can be a simple phone call to help a person get through some work issue. It can be a good word or a referral (Still don’t know why people think that saying good about their colleagues to your bosses will jeporadize their repute in front of the bosses). If we think about it, there is a lot we can do and still chose not to do.


That day onwards I have made a habit that whenever I get my pay check, I go to nearest NGO like Eidhi and Saylani and pay them. They make food then and there and feed the homeless people on streets (in front of you).


I also buy extra food whenever I go to any restaurant with my wife and family. We feed that to the workers on street, the guards or any poor person we find around us. Trust me it does feel fulfilling.


I hope you all learned something and will incorporate this act in your daily life to help make this planet a better place.


Till then, this is your best friend KHAN signing off!


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